Show Up with Style

As the whistle of the lifeguards slowly shifts to the sound of school bells ringing, focus shifts towards bringing in the new school year. This school year is all about showing up. Whether that be for class, friends, even yourself. Show up as the truest version of yourself in the most comfortable and fashionable way. 

The days of high school cramming sessions before a big test and stressing to find the perfect outfit for the “big game” are finally here. In high school every moment feels like the most important one yet, we’ve been there and remember it all too well. We want to help you show up this school year feeling good about what you’re wearing and where you’re going.

So as you’re preparing for the Friday night football game look to us for your new go-to denim, or for the perfect oversized ..but not too oversized sweatshirt. On those days where you feel like wearing a little something special, lean on us to find the pieces to help you stand out. Whether you’re searching for the casual fit to help get through late night cramming sessions, taking that late night drive with friends or dressing up for that first date, we’ve got your back. 

Just as you are discovering the styles that best express who you are, we are here to help you discover the styles that look best on you. Just remember that this year is all about showing up and showing off what makes you – you.

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