Sneak Peak: The Talbott Brothers

They’re Nebraska natives. They’re down-to-earth. They’re The Talbott Brothers. An Americana Folk/Rock band that we [a collective entity in Buckle’s Marketing Department] considered ourselves lucky enough to meet.

When we first threw out their name as potential artists for our fall campaign, the office’s reaction was a resounding “YES”. Standing up from their seats to share personal encounters with Nick and his younger brother Tyler, our teammates were buzzing with positive memories.

That’s why we couldn’t wait to get to know more about them. Moving to Oregon to pursue music full time, Nick and Tyler have been spending the last few years on an artistic journey. One that has continued to challenge them to better understand their music, their dynamic as a brother duo, and how to adapt to life on the road.

Check out their full interview below and take a sneak peak of The Talbott Brothers starring in our Gimmicks and Outpost music video.


 You have both recently moved to Oregon. Tell us about that.  

Nick: Oregon has been really good to us. People there have been really receptive to our style. We like being outdoors, and obviously the Pacific Northwest provides a ton of hiking and great beaches. We love home, but felt the next step for us was to make the move.

What is it like working with your brother? 

Tyler: We fight pretty much whenever we get the chance. Haha. But, it’s fun traveling together and working together. When we’re doing it right we make a great duo. At the end of the day, we have each other’s backs.


If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? 

Nick: Basically anywhere outside of the U.S. We love it here, though, and hope to keep traversing the states like we have been the last few years. One area that we’ve left untouched is the Southeast. We’re planning to make our way there at the end of this year or the spring of next to accompany the new album.

Who inspires your music? 

Tyler: Everyone we meet runs the risk of ending up in a song. We love writing about things we experience while on the road and at home. Our favorite writing subject: the human condition. It’s been fun to play with the idea of telling other peoples’ stories, too. These are some of the ideas that our third album will be centered around.

Tell us about the time you decided you were going to pursue music.

Nick: Three years ago we decided to go all in. It was difficult because we knew we’d be leaving behind a lot of security, but it’s been worth it because we get to do what we love and be a part of other peoples’ journeys.



In three words, describe your style.

Tyler: Denim. Classic. Simple.
Nick: Denim. Denim. Denim.

What’s your favorite closet staple?

Tyler: I love henleys. Breathable, comfortable, and versatile.
Nick: A good brim, boots, and jeans.

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  • Tammy Clark

    Thank you for the interview with two of my favorite guys!

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