Special pricing for you and your gals

We are declaring it officially acceptable to embrace warmer weather and the trends that are sure to follow.

Making it even better? A handful of our favorite trends with SPECIAL pricing for a limited time.

These pieces are the ultimate mix of transitional wear and full blown summer.

And a little humor, if you are planning a trip over a certain week in March.


While we aren’t sure that we believe in love at first sight, we definitely believe in the power of a good impulse buy.

So… about that Daytrip Refined skinny for just $39.50?

Yeah, that’ll do the trick.


Another belief we have, which is in no direct correlation to our closet size, is that good things come in multiples.

Which, we guess is why you probably need two of these t-shirts….for $28.00.


So grab your girlfriends, and head to a Buckle store.

Or, if you are really just looking for a break from Monday, shop online.

We won’t tell.


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