St. Patrick’s Day Looks to Have you Feeling Lucky

St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend and we are here to help. Help to ensure you have all of the fun, minus the pinch, by donning your best with a touch of green.

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We made it easy and threw together effortless looks that you can shop online or grab at the store.

An outfit that checks off all the St. Pat’s must-haves:

☘︎ Shamrocks ✓

☘︎ Green ✓

☘︎ Comfortable & Cute ✓

Tie the green pullover around your waist and you’ve achieved ultimate fashion vs. function.

Better yet, you can easily transition this outfit into any other day of the year. Score.

Now – for the fellas in the room… blog… you know what we meant.

Let’s make this St. Pat’s about being a class act, or at least looking like one. Plus, adding this color to your button-down selection seems like a pretty great idea.

Throw on your clean denim with just a little extra stretch and a sleek sneaker for an outfit that will keep up with a full day of activities.

If a button-down isn’t your idea of St. Patrick’s Day attire, no worries. We have some classic green t-shirts that are spot on with the festive spirit.

Brush up on your St. Patty’s Day Knowledge…

☘︎ St. Patrick’s Day is an annual feast that celebrates the patron saint of Ireland and Irish culture

☘︎ People wear green because it makes you invisible to leprechauns (fairy creatures who pinch anyone that they can see)

☘︎ Irish Stout is the drink of choice on St.Patrick’s Day (aka Guinness)

☘︎ St. Patrick’s real name is Maewyn Succat

☘︎ The Shamrock’s three leaves is a metaphor for the Holy Trinity

☘︎ A common phrase shouted is “Erin go Bragh” which roughly translates to “Ireland Forever”

☘︎ Embrace the Irish Culture with this St.Patrick’s Day playlist

☘︎ Corned beef and cabbage is a traditional meal consumed on this holiday. Try it with this recipe!

So deck yourself out with green, do a little Irish jig, and eat some corned beef and cabbage! Erin go Bragh! Cheers!

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