Sliding into Spring with these must-haves

The hardest thing about transition-wear is just that, the transition. Weathering out the 42 degree days with the promise of 75 degree days on the horizon. Balancing out the perfect little slip dress with the ultimate boyfriend sweater. Grabbing the jacket that’s going to be thrown in the passenger seat by the end of the day – a trusty, but not-so-necessary co-pilot.

We’re here to call it – destructed denim and slides are going to rule our spring wardrobe.

The promise of a little skin, and the versatility of a shoe trend that we can literally slide in to = exactly what we need to shake the winter blues.


Let us introduce your new best friend. Go ahead and name a more dynamic duo, we’ll wait.

If denim is the friend group, the destructed counterpart is who you want planning the party. Compromised of the qualities you love that make them dependable, but always able to turn a head or two.

Destruction is no longer an all-or-nothing game. Varying levels and techniques of wear is what makes us absolutely confident we have the right thing for you and those plans you made for this weekend.

jeans, slides, mules

Speaking of plans, and that friend group – we think there is something special about slides.

It probably has something to do with the assumed effort they allude to that didn’t require any effort at all. Much like the friend that your mom loves just as much as you – but obviously for different reasons.

Not sure where to start? We are partial to this woven take – but if you want to go all in, Mi.iM has just the thing.

Simply put, sliding into the hottest trends of the season has never been easier.


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