Statement to Subtle: Men’s Denim Dish

Denim is a cool thing. As in, it has the ability to sub in for sweats, to quite possibly woo a lady, or maybe just to get us from A to B.

A and B both seem like nice places, so nice that we will likely travel there again. So with that in mind, cue a quality denim that will last the trip. And the ten to follow.

First up, our own BKE denim: classic blue jeans.

A little wash, some great thread detailing, and maybe a cell phone pocket so we don’t have to pay for a new screen… again. BKE is the ultimate best friend, having our backs even when our lifestyle doesn’t.

Outpost Makers:  party pants.

Clean cut and ever so slightly slim. Without compromising on fit, Outpost comes with a little extra stretch for things like car keys or a manageable amount of loose change. You know, the basics.

And while we aren’t divulging any graphic personal stories, we have substantial proof these jeans may actually be made of magic, never mind that they feel like it.

Salvage:  hot pants.

A statement maker even if one were to look past the hand sanding, grinding, and destruction. Which one wouldn’t. Because how would one do such a thing?


If BKE hosted the party, and Outpost brought the party, Salvage would be the last person to leave the party.

The truth is, we could probably get away with wearing the same pair of jeans every day. We might still get a compliment now and again. We could still pull off a button-up, or put on our favorite tee.

We could still get from A to B, to A again.

But what’s the fun in that?

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