Unintentionally Smart, Monochromatic for Men – Tuesday Tips

You’re running late. You just had enough time to turn off your alarm and sneak in a shower before the big day. But who’s complaining?

This morning routine feels as familiar as your favorite playlist.

The soundtracks? Blue jeans and a well-worn tee.

But sometimes even the best playlists need a refresh.

Our line-up looks a lot like monochromatic shades that work with the most basic closet set lists. (Top hits below.)

First up, all white.

Sure, your gunna have to ditch the Doritos, but you’re going to make a serious statement.

Pro tip: If you’re not into white sneaks, let your favorite kicks be the main focus with a pop of color for possibly the most dynamic duet known to date your wardrobe.

Taupe, otherwise known as grey with hints of brown.

These shades might not be an exact color match, but their ability to look pulled together is something we can all stand behind.

Kinda like back-up singers, no?

But considering most of us have multiples in Blue, this look might just make it to the top of our charts closets.

Encore, anyone?

But then again, Back in Black was a hit for a reason…

One, we’re not sure we could ever really argue with. Because… AC/DC.

*Refraining from cheesy Rock reference here.


  • Drake T.

    One thing that I love about monochrome is that they tend to make you look taller, especially when you wear darker tones like dark blue and all black. I often wear all blue and all black as they are my favorites. I’m a fan of white sneakers, but don’t really wear all white. Not that white is bad or something, in fact, it’s classy. I’m just not comfortable with all white. Besides, dressing up is also about feeling comfortable.

    BTW, this is a wonderful post!

    • Buckle Blog

      Hey, Drake! Thanks for sharing! We couldn’t agree with you more. Style is all about comfort and we’re so glad you’ve found some monochromatic looks that work for you!

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