style + denim + You = Back to School at Buckle

With back to school shopping at Buckle, it all adds up. trends + denim made to fit YOU + you = a school year to remember

We’ve done the math on back to school, and here’s where we’ve ended.

It’s all boils down to some simple addition. We have worked hard to offer pieces that stand out against the crowd, that turn heads in the classroom, and then the denim that fits you, whether you’re actually heading back to school or taking the ‘world as your classroom’ route.

We get that back to school looks, feels, and honestly is different this year, but that doesn’t mean the lesson plans are stopping any time soon.

First up…

Denim 101

When you add up inclusive sizing, more inseam options, and top trends in denim, it all equals out to Buckle being a can’t miss back to school denim destination. We’ll even show our work on that one for a couple extra points. (;

Whether after a wash that is anything but basic, some school-appropriate destruction, or a trend with some flair – there’s a jean that answers to all of the above at Buckle.

Hit the Books

… and have some fun.

With getting dressed, that is.

If this school year is going to be out of the norm, what’s the point of coloring in the lines when it comes to personal style? Whether shopping for you, or your favorite minis – we know that style starts on the playground and never really stops. So, go ahead, stand out a bit.

Here’s Your Homework

Get prepped for fall, because even though that first day feels ions away, it will be here before you know it (see ya, summer) and there’s just something that feels iconic about that first day outfit.

Want to find yours?

Here’s a good place to start.

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