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At Buckle, we believe self-expression begins on the playground and never really stops from there. Which really means that there is something special about that initial discovery of a piece a kid loves, that piece they insist on wearing time and time again, without fail, regardless the occasion. That’s the scenario we took into consideration when evaluating our youth offering. With the right balance of current trend is with function, is with quality. We wanted to be able to deliver on that favorite piece, maybe even a favorite outfit or two, that they will love on the first, and thirtieth, wear.

Because maybe it’s just us, but we know we were just as guilty. That popcorn top and flared jeans were a personal favorite. I may even swap in a jelly sandal if weather permitted. And, man, regardless of how my mom would argue the case of any other outfit in my closet, my heart was set – and that outfit made me feel good. Like a million bucks. Or roughly $26, which was pretty dang close in my mind as a 12-year-old.

There is just something that will never replace the feeling of that first outfit you put together on your own, and that’s what our Buckle Youth offering is built on. Style that begins and ends with the kids. That brings confidence to their every day, and wherever that takes them. From the playground, to after school activities, to a friend’s house, back home again. They aren’t slowing down anytime soon, so we developed pieces that keep up.

From denim with the perfect balance of stretch and trend, ensuring they’re comfortable and put together, to tops and sweaters that will transition them into fall without missing a beat – this is what youth style is really about. If we’re being honest, they inspire us quite a bit in the day-to-day, so why wouldn’t this hold true when it comes to determining some staples with just a little extra dose of fun?

Because, when it comes down to it, the styled life isn’t something you grow into, it’s something you grow up with – and we’ve done our best to make sure your kids can do just that.

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