Style Trend Alert: What is Baroque?

Baroque [buhrohk]. A term to describe the art movement between the late 1500’s – 1700’s and now a style that has inspired our new favorite pieces. Things like textured fabrics, ornate details, and gilded stitching are just a few things that make this trend stand out. Remember Taylor Swift’s 2009 hit music video “Love Story”? While some might recall her five-star theatrics pining away for the love of her life, others may only remember the intricate gold detailing on her dress or the lace trim paneling with bold stitching at the ball. And while the video might not score originality points, Swift still earns an A+ in Baroque style and for making our hearts swoon anyways.

Baroque Inspiration

But enough about Taylor, browse today’s modern twist on Baroque and don’t forget —Be Elegant. Live Lavishly.


Baroque Necklace

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