Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts from Buckle

Often times, heroes don’t wear capes. Contrary to what you were taught growing up, of course. The most powerful of heroes are the ones in your daily life. Saving the day, your day, every day at a time. 

Dad. The most unique superhero of them all. Who else has been guarding your life since your existence? Yeah, dads are pretty great, in their own quirky, sometimes-embarrassing, dad-charmish way. His shoes are impossible to fill. But his closet? Now, that you can handle. Here are our top 5 favorite gifts for Dad.

Jeans are a good place to start. Always a dad-favorite.

A crisp, button front for all of his dad meetings and happy hour outings.

A gift card is always nice. But if you’re going that route, pair it with something else. A watch, perhaps.

Cologne. Enough said.

 A man’s wallet says a lot about him. Give your dad a soft, leather bi-fold. So soft, it’s like sitting on a small cushion.

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