Styling Asymmetrical Necklines – Make the most of summer’s latest trend.

When navigating trends it’s important to consider longevity.

Those brightly colored, expandable tops that were huge in 2000 – a trend for sure, but not one we want to revisit. Or should. Ever.

Gaucho pants – trend we loved, and aren’t necessarily turned off by today when in romper form.

Turtlenecks – never went anywhere, but there were a few years we swore them off in college.

And here we are, stuck on another trend neckline that we don’t want to rush into things with.

We know the cold shoulder, the off-the-shoulder, but how about the playful one shoulder?

When appearing on Paris Hilton circa 2004 – not so much. But with a new fabric, a flirty ruffle and a little less spray tan – arguments fail.

As our hairdresser would say, a good collarbone should not be shied away from.

Clean fun - white fringed sleeved tank paired with destructed blue jeans

Gimmicks fringe tank top paired with Buckle Black Fit No. 53 skinny stretch jean.

Fringe benefits = our kind of perk.

Kind of like the apparel version of business in the front, party in the back – but better because it involves a clean white top with a statement sleeve.

Again, a trend to be reckoned with because who doesn’t love a little fiesta?

As far as we are concerned, necklines are the detailing to watch this season.

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