How to Style Straight Jeans like a Pro.

It’s a skinny jean kind of world, and we’re just living in it.

Easily styled for even our most hectic morning routines, the skinny is a fit easy to love. (And easy to line our closets with.)

Then again, sometimes the usual skinny has us musing for the pant from another era (think mom’s mustard ringer tee and denim with a wide leg).

Leaving us in a fashion paradox of modern vs. vintage, seldom giving a second look toward the jean that simply hangs straight.

And it really makes us wonder why we have failed to bring her and all of her easy fitted glory back into our lives.

Girl in a BKE Stella straight jean with cuffed bottoms and strappy heels.

Like bringing comfort where comfort is due. Take these BKE Stella straights for instance. With the right amount of stretch and a 14″ bottom opening, these jeans aren’t going to give you fits getting them on in the morning.

Total confidence boost, yeah?

Girl in a BKE Stella Straight jean and strappy heels.

And for all of our long-legged beauties, you’ll appreciate the rolled cuff at the bottom to help balance out your overall look.

Tip? Don’t let us down. Wear the heels. Always, wear the heels.

Brunette girl in a Gilded Intent plaid top and a Flying Monkey straight jean.

Remember those cool-girl flares we were talking about earlier? It just so happens that these high-riseĀ Flying Monkeys give their best nod to the 60s.

Perfect for band tees, bandanas, crop tops, and anything in-between.

Dark haired girl in a Gilded Intent plaid shirt and Flying Monkey straight jeans smiling.

But what we’re most excited for? The jean that fits the athletic frame.

Skimming over the thigh and slightly flaring toward the bottom, these jeans highlight Janessa’s toned legs while adding balance.

Blonde girl in Gilded Intent straight jeans with a step hem and heels.

Kind of like the way Madalyn’s destructed straights fit slim over her hip and thigh to come down to the most vital moment our designers shine – the slight step hem.

Elongating her shorter frame, this raw hem detailing styled with a strappy heel instantly gives her the appearance of longer legs while adding height.

Something we’re sure none of our 5′ 5″ ladies and below can argue with.

Blonde girl in Gilded Intent jeans with a step hem and heels. She is in a white shirt.

And if they do? Well, we’ll be keeping our photos for future reference.

Three girls smiling at each other.


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