Tee Party – Dressing Up Your Favorite Closet Staple

Another day, another wardrobe revelation.

You know the ones.

One second you’re casually enjoying froyo in the park and the next you’re fantasizing about how that denim skirt and graphic tee will ultimately play out next Friday with the girls.

Of course, committing to your closet’s most recent brainchild would be a fashion blunder without gaining the approval from possibly our toughest critic yet – the full length mirror.

But once your look has passed the test, you’re taking your newly found style out to the streets like a total babe.


You see, we’ve been doing a little dreaming and scheming of our own this week. Something about the basic tee has us wanting more from our closet favorites.

And this open back dress has us loving our latest mash-up. Pulled tight in the back and knotted, this black graphic tee repurposed your favorite bohemian dress from ethereal to fun.

But if finding another way to dress up your separate was on your to-do list, then let us share our twist on the classic basic.

Opting for a classic loose grey tee in exchange for a tight crop, will give your mini the cool girl edge you’ve been looking for without loosing comfort.


And we know you’ve seen the familiar tee-under-tank option done up back in the 90s, but maybe not quite done this well.


Silk Rust Tank – $26.95

Because while everyone else chose the slightly more obvious plain tee, we like to think we hold some originality by adding stripes to an otherwise, neutral outfit.

A fashion discovery we feel pretty confident in and are sure you will too.

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