Gimmicks has us Feelin’ Fresh

The theme of summer has officially gone fruity, and we are eating it up.

The playfulness of a sunglass-clad pineapple has lead us to take a second look at our summer standards and adjust. If we add in some fringe and bright prints, we are quick to forget just how many layers the last few months required.

Gimmicks latest collection takes all of our summer wants and transforms them into an attainable need. What more could a girl want?*

*sliced watermelon

**a puppy

***the perfect winged eyeliner

****sorry about this… but we wanted to be honest

Summer months and full wedding calendars has some reluctant to pick up anything white, but we are ditching bridal and embracing trend.

We aren’t just talking tops either. A pieced maxi has us twirl (and live music) ready.

Something about this color palette has us ever so slightly reminiscent of that ice cream shop downtown that we would crowd in to after long days spent poolside. Slightly sunburnt is the way we want to spend the next couple of months, and this collection isn’t holding us back.

If you’re looking for a Summer Escape, you’ve found it in this collection available exclusively at Buckle.

Gimmicks floral bomber in Buckle stores and on soon!

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