The Best Of Summer: Style Edition

Babes, summer is finally here! Cue sun emojis, swimming pools galore, and a lot of really great outfits that complement the beginning hints of a tan.

Summer is where trends come to shine; so break out the slip dresses, all of the variations of denim and swim that doesn’t require a beach.

Summer is here! Check out new trends in fashion for ladies.

Hyfve v-neck dress paired with Levi’s tee. Free People denim skirt and body suit paired with Lucky Brand jacket.

We have declared our love for all things slightly Julia Stiles and Sarah Michelle Gellar-inspired, so it’s time for that tee and dress combo to come out to play.

Who doesn’t love casual, twirl-friendly outfits? Probably a few people, but we aren’t them.

Now, did you really think we were going to flake on our bralettes? Fiercely loyal and always preferred over the pinch of an underwire, let’s stick with what we know when what we know is good.

Also, tanks with buttons are superior. We aren’t necessarily sure why, but it’s a statement we feel good about.

So now that summer is officially here – let’s put on a saucy one-piece, some ripped denim shorts, and find some sun.

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