5 Ways National Splurge Day Will Get The Best Of Your Bank Account

3 Words For You…

Treat. Yo. Self.*

Treat Yo Self 2017. It’s the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!

*Parks and Rec, bringing renowned happiness to the hearts of shopaholics everywhere.

While we might not be wandering the streets of Beverly Hills scouting splurge worthy items like Tom and Donna this year, we’re definitely making a list of our favorite luxury goods to celebrate National Splurge Day with.


First up, Leather Shoes

Donna spoke to us personally when she named, “Fine Leather Goods” at the top of her most-wanted list. And what’s not to love about a leather shoe that fits and conforms to your soles without sacrificing comfort?

Our favorite brands include Roan and Bed Stu footwear. But if you love intricate detailing and quality craftsmanship, then don’t be afraid to get acquainted with Freebird by Steven. His sandals aren’t something you’d typically find on the street, and that’s enough reason for us jump on the serious splurge train.


Premium Denim

High quality denim with premium fabric might not be everyone’s favorite buy, maybe it has to do with being practical. Dare we say, reasonable?

But that’s half the reason we believe they sit number two on our most-wanted list. Favorite brands include: Buckle Black and Levi’s.


Girl, Accessorize

Should Donna really have spent $600 on elbow bedazzling? Absolutely.

Like a good friend, Tom can appreciate a fab accessory. Just like we can appreciate a good watch and stainless steel bracelets that are equal parts cute as they are motivational.


Tennis Shoes

Girls love shoes about as much as we love a good slice of breakfast pizza. (No really, it’s a thing.)

But if you’re needing a good training or athlesiure shoe to go with all your favorite casuals, we suggest splurging on a pair you love. We’re current fangirls of Puma and Solely Black for their soft foam inserts and ability to breathe.


But Donut even believe for one second that we wouldn’t mention your favorite deep-fried pastry as your number five splurdge item.

Ahhh…. donuts. We love’em. We eat’em. And someday we wish we could spend everyday indulging in them.

It just so happens that day is now. You’re welcome.

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