The Internship Experience – Buckle Edition

Every year, summer comes around and for some people that means vacations, days by the pool, and lots of outdoor activities and relaxation. But for many, college students especially, summer is a time to expand the knowledge of your industry and learn more about your career path through challenging and exciting internships.

Each year, Buckle participates in this tradition by hiring current students and recent graduates, from all over the United States, to come join us at corporate headquarters in Kearney, Nebraska. We are incredibly blessed to hire some amazing buying and styling interns yearly that impact their individual teams greatly in the short time they’re here.

Over this time period, we have come to know and love them and now we want to introduce them to you and let them tell you a little bit about their summer internship experience!

Sara has been working with Buckle this summer as our Studio Stylist Intern!
Willow + Root Textured Bralette // pants and jacket coming soon!

Meet Sara! Studio Stylist Intern

Hometown: Winston Salem, North Carolina

College: University of North Carolina @ Greensboro

What does your day typically look like when at the Buckle offices?
My day typically consists of me working in the photo studio, styling and creating outfits for! I work closely with our head stylist to bring the brands we carry to life, and to make them fun and unique for our online customers. Other tasks I complete throughout the day is looking up inspo for photoshoots, checking units on items, helping with freight, and helping out on our lifestyle photoshoots.

Describe your personal style and what you would typically wear to work.
For the most part, I wear jeans, a casual shirt, and either Docs or sneakers to work. I am usually on the ground adjusting jeans on a model or running around working on outfits, so the more comfortable I am, the better. In general, my style is very simple and easy going. I do love to switch things up sometimes and wear things a little different or out of my comfort zone!

What advice would you give to new upcoming Buckle Interns?
Buckle is a great company to get started with, they are a company full of creative people and opportunities to get your foot in the door. Always ask questions, step outside of your comfort zone, and be you! Use your time here to get a jump on your portfolio for the future and to venture out and see what part of this industry you really want to be a part of.

Pick a GIF that accurately represents intern life!

This describes my intern life because in the studio they always ask me to do random things to help out and I always just say “yep, sounds good” and give a thumbs up. So the horse is me, I am the horse (LOL)

Meet Danielle! Project Stylist Intern

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

College: Northern Arizona University

What is your favorite part about being an Intern for Buckle?
I’ve been working for Buckle for over a year now and I really just enjoy being able to grow in a company I already love. It’s a really good experience to be able to see not only the retail side of a company, but also them at their corporate level. This has provided me a really strong learning experience.

Which famous person’s style inspires you?
She’s not technically “famous” but this blogger, Jennifer Lindsey, has the GREATEST style. I normally creep her Instagram, @boymominjeans, for style and photo inspiration for social media projects we have.

Favorite brands you shop at Buckle?
There are a lot of brands I love at Buckle, but the ones I shop the most are probably KanCan, Billabong, Free People, and Levi’s. There’s also this really great t-shirt brand we have, Modish Rebel, which I am getting into because they have really trendy graphics!

Meet Sam! She has been working at Buckle this summer as our Tops Buying Intern.
Willow + Root Jean (coming soon!)

Meet Sam! Tops Buying Intern

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

College: Ohio State University

Describe your personal style and what your go-to look is for coming to work.
My style is such a mix of different pieces, I feel like I drift from boho to tomboy pretty often, it honestly depends how I’m feeling that day. My go-to look for work is usually my boyfriend jeans and a cute tank or a graphic tee.

What is the next step in achieving your future goals?
Next steps for me involve going back to Columbus, Ohio, and finishing my senior year of college at Ohio State (Go Bucks!). Then hopefully finding a buying job with a company I’m passionate about once I graduate.

Which famous person’s style inspires you and why?
I love Kendall Jenner, if I had all the money in the world, I would dress like her.

What advice would you give to new upcoming Buckle Interns?
Coming from someone who has no previous ties to Buckle, everyone should apply for this internship and if you’re passionate enough about what you do/what you want to do, Buckle will want you. Whether you’ve worked in one of their stores or not, Buckle wants a candidate who is passionate about their clothes and confident in what they do. Interning for Buckle has been an amazing experience for me, and I encourage everyone to apply, this experience has had such a large influence on my life, and it can change yours too.

Love the hustle. (;

Meet Amanda! She has been working with Buckle this summer as our Denim Buying Intern.
Billabong On the Horizon Sweater // KanCan Kurvy Flare (coming soon!)

Meet Amanda! Denim Buying Intern

Hometown: Houston, Texas

College: Kansas State University

What does your day typically look like at the Buckle offices?
My typical day at the Buckle offices starts by checking emails and tracking selling. Throughout the day, I am able to work on various design projects like Product Center posts, pantones for casuals, and pending development for future updates. I focus on working with the KanCan team, and love every bit of it! Toward the end of the day, I typically help prep and spec packages for fits, and then proceed with approval comments for those fits to vendors. Though I emphasize on one brand, I still get both the buying experience and am also able to show my personal creativity through design projects.

What is the next step in achieving your future goals?
Tough/exciting question! I am a recent college graduate, with hopes to move somewhere closer to home (Texas). With a couple career options in the Dallas, Texas area, my boyfriend and I are currently apartment shopping within that location! We are excited to start this new journey, one where I can utilize everything I have learned through this internship experience.

Favorite Brands you shop at Buckle?
Vintage Levi’s are my go-to. I love everything about their collections!

Pick a GIF that accurately represents intern life!

Cat Reaction GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Here’s to a great summer, ladies, full of learning experiences, laughs, and lots of fun!

Interested in working at Buckle? Check out all open positions here!

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