The Journey Here

This season, we’re embracing the concept of what ‘here’ means to you. The people, the place, the things that all add up to that moment where you look around yourself and realize there is nowhere else in the entire world you would rather be. A ‘here’ that could be exactly where you are right now, reading this, that place that immediately comes mind when you close your eyes. That here.

Because, as temperatures continue to drop, the year begins to wind down, the holidays begin to settle in and being here becomes more important than ever.

This year is one none of us could have anticipated, complete with highs and lows. More than ever, we relied on each other, on people. People we turned to for honest conversations, for friendship, for advice, for a break from reality.

We started thinking about what we would do when… well, you fill in the blank.

And who we wanted to surround ourselves with once we were there, once we were here.

The friends that turned into family that helped transform places into home, a story that’s taken decades to write, but ultimately can be summed up in a moment, in a look from across the room that is met with laughter.

For us, here meant a not so quick trip to Seeley Lake, Montana. Never been? You’ll want to pack your bags when we’re done. Surrounded by national forests along the Glacier Parkway, Seeley Lake served as the perfect backdrop to bring this story to life.

As essential to any good road trip? A playlist that has as much soul as those listening to it, and we were set on delivering. So, with a little help from our friends The Talbott Brothers, we built a curated list of songs made for the open road. Songs that bring a sense of calm, maybe a little adventure, and as much nostalgia for the past, as anticipation for what’s to come.

A playlist with a folk-rock flair that is the perfect balance of what we’re feeling moving into the holiday season. Love, determination, excitement, confidence.

Music has the power to transport you decades in a single melody, bringing you exactly where you were, bringing you here.

This is where our story picks up. A story of fellowship, good food, great music, and being present in a time of so many unknowns.

Sometimes the destination is just as much about a feeling, as it is a place, and that feeling brings us here.

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