Outerwear Necessities for Fall Layering

It’s a tried and true tradition; layers for fall. It’s kind of like florals for spring — groundbreaking, right? Well, with new pieces and trends, layers prove to reinvent themselves time and time again, keeping us interested and inspired.

While some trends from last year will carry over, this year you’ll notice a major upgrade with more fabrics, textures and prints! Some pieces you may already have in your closet and there may be some new ones you add. We don’t blame you, we believe you can never have too many options — especially when it comes to outerwear! 

Go for Plaid 

The thing about plaids is you can pair them with just about any outfit and style them different each time — it’s the ideal layering piece! Throwing a plaid on over your t-shirt adds a layer of warmth while also incorporating more color into your outfit. For those colder days, you can throw on another jacket over the plaid and let it have a peek-a-boo moment underneath. 

Another styling option we love, adding some separation to your overall look and tie a flannel around your waist. This will add more color, a pattern and dimension to your outfit. And, when it gets chilly you can easily untie it and throw it on!  

Look and Feel

The best thing about fall and winter is being able to cozy up in soft, warm fabrics. 

Soft cardigans will give you the feeling like you never got out of bed, or you did and you decided to wear your blankets. With the variety of colors, fabrics and styles of cardigans you can have one to layer into every outfit. Add a cardigan over a sweatshirt or a top for an extra layer of warmth! 

Once winter’s cold weather rolls in, you can exchange your cardigan for something a little warmer, like sherpa or fleece. Sherpa has been a big fabric trend in previous years and will still be on the forefront, joined by fleece! 

Detailed Denim 

Not only can you get a pair of quality denim from us, but this fall check out our denim jackets with fresh new details. 

Proven as a timeless staple, everyone has one or at least two variances of the classic jacket in their closet. Add some flare to your selection with denim outerwear that incorporates plaid, fur linings, tie-dye, or even puffer styles! It’s a classic piece with new, refreshed details that still pairs well with everything. 

A denim jacket with fur lining like this A. Peach one will keep you warm for whatever your day has in store, while also adding texture to your outfit! 

Comfortable cotton 

Having a good staple cotton jacket in your closet is something you can never go wrong with. Cotton is known for being a breathable fabric, meaning a cotton jacket will keep you perfectly comfortable. If you’re the type of person who enjoys layering but can sometimes get too warm as a result, make this jacket your go-to! 

Pairing a cotton jacket with any outfit is effortless, you can create a put-together look that only takes seconds. Throw a jacket on over a t-shirt and flannel and you have a layered outfit that will keep you comfortable all day! 

A cotton jacket is also a great transition piece to take you from fall to cold weather. Since the fabric is so breathable it will be the perfect balance for fall when it isn’t too extremely cold yet, and it will still keep you warm enough when cold weather hits with the styling option of extra layers. 

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