The (Rolling) Stones

You want soft. You want practical. You want warm, cozy fabrics that remind you what comfortable feels like. Which is all to say, you want a few stone-washed sweaters this holiday season. Trust us, your arms will thank you.

Stone-washing is exactly what it sounds like, the process of washing fabric with stones. Using large stones to roughen up the fabric, garments are placed in a large industrial washer filled with pumice stones. As the wash cylinder rotates, the cloth fibers are repeatedly pounded and beat by tumbling stones. Because of its rough, porous surface, pumice is especially useful as an abrasive. During the stone-washing process, pumice stones work like sandpaper to abrade the fabric, remove some of the dye particles, and enhance the sweater’s worn, faded look.






Treat yourself this holiday season with some of our favorite cold-weather sweaters.

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