The Science of Gift Cards

Gift cards seem to have a bad rap.

Not that gift cards can rap.

But, well. You know.

It’s the gift at the center of a lot of debate, but honestly, it’s one of our favorites. It takes just a little bit of the guesswork out of the holidays, or anniversaries, or birthdays, maybe even a bar mitzah or two.

What you do with the gift card after opening it, that’s the fun part.

We know warm weather isn’t in the forecast (at least in Nebraska) but that isn’t keeping us from dreaming of sleeveless days. Personally, we have our eyes set on this Free People tank and our hearts hoping that this 7Diamonds Cabo shirt ends up in his cart (for obvious reasons).

So, whether splurging on that item you really wanted but deemed irresponsible, or simply using it for the ‘necessities’ and saving your cash for something else, we get it. Maybe you really just are in for the thrill of seeing that total drop 25, 50, even 75 dollars before swiping your card.

Oh, and gift givers, just a note – we can make those gift cards for just about any amount you can dream up. Yes, that means every odd cent counts.

Whatever you do, we’re not here to judge. Just to ring you up.


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