Tuesday Tips: Valentine’s Day Gifts better than chocolate.

We love, love. That’s the excuse we’re running with when posting about Valentine’s Day in January.

It’s the perfect reason to buy an outfit that isn’t black.

Don’t forget about glitter adorned cards that make a mess of aisles and you and your car and your life.

Ok, probably just the aisles and you and your car.


We hate to push chokers again, but yet here we are.

These styles scream ‘day of love’ and we are within earshot.


Stance rises to the occasion, being Valentine’s Day.

While writing this blog post, we’ve discovered a neglected genre of music…love songs about socks.

This is our attempt to get the word out.


Match made in heaven… mesh heaven… Saxx heaven… well, likely someone’s heaven.

While it’s none of our business what you do in your spare time….. here.


Guess = heart-eyed emoji on repeat

Date night? Or girl’s night? Or pizza with a side of pizza night?

Whatever your plans, if you are channeling a monochromatic muse (not naming names) these neutral-toned beauties are the always appreciated icing on top.


Personal favorite, Gucci’s Bamboo. Top note: Casablanca Lily. Can’t go wrong there.

Until your bouquet of roses gets here, these top picks of ours will keep you smelling sweet (and ever so slightly like a flower shop) all day long.


Whether doing some early shopping for your one and only, or simply digging the red-themed spread – everyone loves love, and that’s a fact.

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