The Ultimate S’mores Recipe

As the day winds down, we naturally find ourselves gathering – whether that’s in our homes around kitchen tables or near the lake during golden hour on the weekend trip of a lifetime.

In this case, the latter is where we find ourselves. Being reminded that there is something immediately calming about sitting fireside. Nowhere to go, nowhere to be, just the sound of the wood crackling as flames dance across it.

Add to that a few of your closest friends, maybe place a drink in your hand, and a dessert that is as comforting as it is sweet, and life is made. You may just find yourself capturing the moment and sharing with a one-word caption, here.

Here soaking in good conversation. Here enjoying the moment exactly for what it is.

Here is also a good time to circle back to that dessert we mentioned before. Favorited by many, a fireside tradition to most, and an essential to our story; s’mores.

You could go for the classic, but where we prefer to incorporate a few twists in most things, this recipe is no exception.

If we’re being completely honest, a s’more isn’t a complicated dessert. They don’t require Pinterest to be pulled up on your phone as you navigate the grocery store, adventuring down aisles. There isn’t a sous chef involved (although, we definitely recommend this as a group activity). There aren’t mixing bowls or measuring cups surrounding you. Just a few ingredients that taste a bit better when toasted.

So, let’s break them down. Graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow. The true MVPs, where we’re concerned.

But let’s add a couple of twists. Maybe deviate from that traditional milk chocolate, opting instead for rich dark chocolate, or even better – a large peanut butter cup. Talking graham crackers, who says they need to be store bought? Stretch out the fun by breaking out the mixer and making your own from scratch. (we’d recommend this recipe).

Or maybe consider ditching the graham cracker completely, and you make a swap for a homemade cookie straight out of mom’s cookbook. We’d suggest you play off whatever chocolate you landed on – pairing dark chocolate with a peanut butter cookie for example. You can thank us later.

Now, what truly makes the s’more a household name in the dessert world – our soft spot (pun intended) – that ooey gooey center holding everything together – the marshmallow. Again, store bough always fit the bill, but time spent with lifelong friends sometimes just calls for something out of the ordinary. The homemade route definitely deserves consideration.

Fact, the only thing better than a perfectly toasted marshmallow is a toasted marshmallow you made yourself. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Whether going classic, or deciding your own spin – where there’s a fire, there should also be a s’more, and some good company to enjoy it with.

End the day here, you won’t regret it for a second – and it might just result in that social post we mentioned before.

📍 here.

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