The Year of Curves: KanCan Introduces New Fit

The year was 2017 – and it was a glorious one.

The world began singing the praises that Sir Mix-A-Lot did two decades ago, curves = where it’s at.

As for me, well I’ve been playing that tune for a few years. Admittedly, things have significantly improved now that I don’t have to pretend to enjoy low-rise denim.

With the resurgence of high-rise came a newfound appreciation for the curves that fill it, and even a few new fits along the way.

This is my honest experience of one of those fits, KanCan Kurvy.

KanCan has recently become a go-to in the trend girl’s closet, mine included. Reasonably priced, oh so comfy, and easy on the eyes – I was pretty intrigued that a brand that already scaled to high-rise was adjusting their fit in any way.

I feel my success rate usually is 70/30 with the classic fit, the main trouble coming down to a comfortable fit at both my waist and along my hips.

That problem was solved by this new beaut.

Still true to that ‘oh so comfy’ feeling, these jeans are curvy done right.

The trick is a little stretch, but a really great core shape. Kind of a ‘hugged, not squeezed’ type of thought process.

Transitioning into my second pair, I was a little hesitant to mix both a lighter wash and destruction.

The doubt quickly evaporated as I analyzed the cut and overall look in the mirror.┬áSubtle destruction that didn’t pull and a strategically placed wash that didn’t make me look heavier or shorter landed this pair into my good graces.

This style didn’t hit me quite as high, but also didn’t run quite as long – which bodes well for my body type. Short gals, this one’s for you.

Slipping into pair three, I was again greeted by the ultra high rise, this time complimented by a refreshingly clean wash. (destruction isn’t for everybody – including me when I am visiting my grandma – hey, Grandma!)

Overall, my suggestion would be to get one size smaller than you typically wear – and then do a happy dance – preferably to Shakira. #hipsdontlieEVER

Go ahead – make me proud.

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