Tried and True | Meet Ruben and Tiffany

If you’re anything like us, your love for denim remains fairly strong through summer. From casual Fridays in the office to weekend errands and family vacations, we often found ourselves opting for our jeans over our shorts. (Can you blame us?)

But, as the seasons change, so does our denim line-up, and we’re all-in for a refresh that’s deserving of rounding out 2017.

In our newest denim series Tried and True, we’re highlighting guests, teammates, and jeans to love.

The first on our denim roster? Meet Ruben and Tiffany – a couple who can’t go a day without their favorite blues.

Tried and True | Meet Ruben and Tiffany

How did you and Ruben meet?

Tiffany: One of my best friends actually set us up (I met my best friend coincidentally working at Buckle in the stores)! She thought that Ruben was my type.  I then of course added him on Facebook and the rest was history!

What were your initial thoughts when you first met Tiff?

Ruben: My initial thoughts were that Tiff was very pretty and kind-hearted which she ended being exactly that.

How long have you been together?

T: We’ve been together for 5 years.

How would you describe your time together?

R: Our time together is very laid back, yet we push each other to do exciting and fun things like traveling together.

Tiffany and Ruben in Buckle's Tried and True Series

On Tiff – BKE Fold Over Sweater, Gilded Intent Jeans, Mi.iM Loafer, On Ruben – BKE Hooded Flannel Shirt, BKE Jake Sraight Jean, Eastland Loomis Boot

Tiff, you’re a teacher now. How does fashion incorporate itself into your new role?

T: Having a Buckle background allows me to break away from the ‘teacher’ stereotype by wearing stylish yet comfortable/tasteful clothing within the school. Teachers can be stylish too!

Ruben, as an electrician, is denim a part of your everyday routine? If so, how does your career affect what you wear?

R: As an electrician, denim is a major part of my everyday work-wear. It is protective for very laborious days, yet comfortable to work in.

Answer this – My favorite jeans are…

T: My favorite jeans are a skinny with a good stretch to it (for comfort) like Flying Monkey’s or KanCans.

Tried and True Series | Meet Tiffany and Ruben

What do you look for in a pair of jeans?

R: The most important things I look for in a pair of jeans is a good fit and durability.  I’m a guy, so a pair of jeans that can hold up to manly activities is a bonus too.

Your favorite thing about Ruben?

T: My favorite thing about Ruben is how great of a friend he is. He is my best friend but also a best friend to so many others.  Even when he meets a random person, he makes them feel like they have been buddies for years!

Your favorite thing about Tiff?

R: My favorite thing about Tiff is her drive to succeed and her humor.  She can make me smile and laugh even when I’m having a bad day.

What’s next for you two?

T: We get asked this question very frequently! We are currently happy with where we are right now but getting engaged within the next few years would be ideal.  Not sure if Ruben knows that but he will now! 

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