TOMS One Day

TOMS was founded on the simple idea of doing something more. One for One, creating lasting, positive impact.

They made it as easy as buying a pair of shoes.

Levi’s The Perfect Tee (blue and black version)

From there, their company challenged us to walk a day in the ‘shoes’ of those they strive to help. TOMS asked us to imagine how much more difficult the easiest of tasks would be without something we are guilty of taking for granted.

A thing most of us are fortunate enough to slip on every morning, and unlace every night.

Levi’s Mile High Super Skinny Jean in Bright Haze & Sunbleach


As TOMS has grown, so has their product offering and their work across the world. Now, they are not only providing shoes to those in need, but crucial services and means of survival.

It’s still pretty simple.

Give time. Give kindness. Give safe water. Give sight. Give safe birth. Give shoes.

So this week, specifically on May 12th, no matter how you would like to give – give freely. One for One.

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