Giving Back through Good Work(s)

Nothing is truly as humbling as a sincerely good person.

You know the type. A person who inspires you to simply be better, in little ways and in big ways. They inspire through words and actions, and radiate a sense of calm like maybe they know something you don’t.

Helena Cho, CEO of Good Work(s), is one of those people.

Helena from Good Work(s) makes a difference.

Helena Cho working on New Orleans home project, the first collaboration with Buckle.

How did Good Work(s) come about? What was the inspiration?  

I came to the United States when I was 8 years old, and America has truly blessed me since.

I promised myself that I would pay back this country for its kindness. Twenty-two years later, I volunteered for a 5K walk in Yorba Linda, California to help build an elementary school. One walk raised $78,000, and we were able to build a school and change the lives of 600 children forever.

This event inspired and empowered me, and I made 2,000 leather wrap-around bracelets with 21 inspirational words with the hope to bless everyone that I met. I didn’t have any intention to start a business, only to give back. Shortly after, everyone started looking for me and wanting to buy 5-20 bracelets at a time because they wanted to bless someone too!

That is how Good Work(s) was born.

What has been your favorite project? 

I loved the mission of providing clean water to families all over the world. Clean water is essential.

I also love working with children, whether it is by providing nutritious meals or building a playground. To see children enlightened with hope gives me reason to work harder every day.

“I didn’t have any intention to start a business, only to give back.”

What role has Buckle played in helping Good Work(s)? 

I had a vision when I first started my company to rebuild 10 homes in New Orleans destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. These families were living in FEMA trailers. God gave me the strength to share my vision with Buckle with my wrap-around bracelets, and Good Work(s) became the first inspirational product at Buckle.

Less than six months later we built an additional 10 homes in New Orleans. I have been able to complete miraculous projects every year since because of my Buckle family.

In 2015 – Buckle supported Good Work(s) in building water systems to six different locations in Africa.

In 2016 – We built a playground for 106 orphans in South Korea, provided 50,000 nutritious meals to the homeless, and purchased two water rigs for Guatemala.

GoodWork(s) bracelet in silver.

Why do you think it’s important to make a difference? 

God has graciously blessed me more than I could imagine. Therefore, I too will graciously share, love, and make a difference to the lost, abandoned, and helpless people in this world.

Good Work(s) is just one of several Give Back brands that Buckle believes strongly in. Making a difference shouldn’t be an afterthought, it should be part of the way we live, and even the way we shop. Check out the other causes close to our hearts, and the brands that are giving back in a big way here.

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