Totality Awesome – Tips to Survive the 8.21.17 Eclipse

Once in a blue moon there’s a shift in our atmosphere. One that stirs and delights as much as it is captivates.

This year we’re thanking our lucky stars our offices happen to land in the heart of a mystic phenomenon – better known as the Great American Eclipse. 

Celebrating our centralized location for wide-open spaces, we’ll be relishing two sweet minutes of totality, giving us enough reason to share some of our favorite solar styles and safety tips to ensure that you leave August 21st in celestial bliss.

Getting dressed for a once-in-a-lifetime event sounds complicated, but it’s a challenge worth accepting, especially when it asks us to channel our inner moon child.

And with a line of limited edition solar inspired tees meant to be worn far past the eclipse, we’re more than confident we’ll be kissing buyers’ remorse good-bye.

Phases of the Moon Eclipse Tee at Buckle

Modish Rebel Eclipse 2017 Tee

Heading to a viewing party, but not sure what to bring?

As most of us know, a party is only as good as its party favors. Say goodbye to the goody bag and invest in a pair of certified special-purpose solar filters (also known as eclipse sunglasses).

This is one party rule that’s not meant to be broken. Don’t risk severe eye damage with ordinary shades. Also note, that you should NOT look at the eclipse through an unfiltered camera or telescope.

And to promise that your electronic devices will live to see another day, here’s our list of “don’t-even-think-about-its”:

  • Do not attempt to take photos on your camera or phone without using a certified solar filter lens to cover it because you can burn your lens out
  • Do not zoom in
  • Turn off flash and auto-focus as these will increase your chances of a totaled lens (seriously)
Stay Wild, Moon Child Eclipse Tee

Chillionaire – “Stay Wild Moon Child” Tee

And while this party is starting to sound like a total bust, we promise there’s a trade-off.

Here’s our list of “YAS”:

  • If you do have the proper equipment to take photos, use a tripod to get a crisp, clear image of the sun and moon.
  • If you typically wear eyewear, slip your certified lenses over your glasses.
  • Carpe Diem – seize the moment friends! Enjoy the experience. #nobadviews

Let us know in the comments below how you are celebrating the total solar eclipse on August 21st! 

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