Transition Into Fall With This Season’s Top Sweaters

Fall is pretty great.

For some people that really has to do with their team’s football schedule; for others it comes down to pumpkin spice everything; for us, well, we dream in cable knit.

Sweater trends are evolving year-round. Between fabrics and finishes and shapes and colors, there really is a sweater out there for every single girl – and we want to dress her.

So, take a look through our closet – we think we might just have the thing.

Fall's greatest sweaters | Desert Dreaming tee layered underneath neutral cableknit cardigan with elbow patch Detail.

Have you heard about Bandit Brand? Let this tee be the perfect introduction.

Everyone deserves to be happy – and we think we found the perfect match for that favorite tee of yours. Bandit Brand has our best interests at heart with some wanderlust verbiage, but we are brought back to earth with this chunky cardigan.

All about balance, right?

Fall's Best Sweaters - cardigan detail shot with Buckle Black denim back pocket showcased.

This cardigan is a MUST – and coming soon. In the meantime, we are loving these jeans by Buckle Black.

While we are hear, consider this your green light on abandoning the notion that cardigan = business casual. Let’s go with not-so-business casual and call it a day.

Did someone say A+ detailing? Meet the Gilded Intent Marled Sweater.

While we are talking about happy hour (kidding, kind of) – your girlfriends will all be in favor of a flirty sweater in one of Pantone’s top colors of the season. Light enough for August and easily layered to get you through to pumpkin patch adventures – this is one of our current favorites.

Fall's best sweaters - lace up detailing by Daytrip

Lace-up is continuing into Fall, and we aren’t upset. Paired with some rose gold and it’s a done deal.

Talking favorites – the lace-up detailing is carrying over into our knit collection. Daytrip knocks it out of the park with an olive green number that is sure to become our go-to.

We don’t want to jinx it, but… #sweaterweather.

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