Why We Love Accessories (And You Should Too!)

There are two kinds of girls where accessories are concerned.

One whose jewelry glistens with statement pieces from past and present inside their tiered jewelry stand, and one whose accessories collection can fit on a 4″ tray.

(Some of us happen to be the later.)

And while there is beauty in simplicity, this fall season has given us four more reason’s why we might just be able to fill our countertops with a little embellished love.

Step Up Your Basics

This BKE fringe necklace isn’t the statement piece you once knew (remember bubble necklaces?). Dress up your favorite tees or bodysuits with an accessory that moves and shimmers with your every step.

Pro Tip: Mix metals with bracelets and other pieces to give your outfit two different tones.


Accessories have more fun when used beyond their intended purpose. What’s not to admire about a bandana that can add interest and downplay a chic tote?

Pro Tip: Fold your bandana into a triangle and roll to tie as a fun hair accessory or around your neck with a favorite graphic tee.


The statement earing of fall.

Make a Statement

Statement earnings for fall have our undivided attention this upcoming season, and for good reason. We love how posh a dramatic earing paired with a simple top can elevate an otherwise, basic ensemble.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to add dimension if you have multiple piercings. That “less is more” concept? Well, let’s just say we’re into bending breaking the rules.


Find Your Next Choker Pack

Change Your Mood

From edgy to pretty and simplified, these accessories have the ability to change your entire look by adding a few extra layers.

Pro Tip: Find choker packs that are interchangeable with your favorite looks. #accessorize

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