Tuesday Tips: Athleisure styling and picks

Working hard in the gym or hardly working, there’s one thing all people who adore athleisure love: COMFORT.

Like, did you just max out on dead lift, or max out your ex-roommate’s boyfriend’s Netflix account? Yup. Nobody really knows the difference when you’re wearing athleisure. And we find it brilliant.

Whether you’ve been a total Fashlete for years, or are new to the scene, let us show you some of our favorite pieces this season.


Buckle’s exclusive brand, Gilded Intent, has us gushing over this mesh beauty. Its breathable fabric makes it perfect for even the most intense workouts.


Sheer paneling on leggings? Yes, please. When they say the details matter, they’re not kidding you.


Shoes of choice for the Fashlete – black Puma‘s. We’re loving how versatile they are, both in the gym and for running errands.


Camo and Plaid – The ultimate combo. Perfect for early morning class, lunch with the squad, and catching an afternoon workout sesh. Yoga, anyone?


Lightweight bombers. The ultimate dual purpose jacket serving as a warm barrier on chilly walks and a Saturday night go-to. Cheers!


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