Tuesday Tips: Master the ripped tee

Purchasing destructed clothing is a slippery slope, but here we are again.

Standing in front of a ripped tee, asking it to find it’s way to our closet.

So, now that we are past introductions, we are to the pivotal moment of introducing your new love to your mom, your dad, and your girlfriends. Which is where this Tuesday Tips picks up.

How to master Gilded Intent’s latest release of ripped tees while dealing with haters otherwise known as your loved ones.


Mom:  Aren’t you cold? You’re going to wind up sick.

You:  No.

Also you: This shirt is honestly the only thing warming me up to the idea of Wednesday.


Dad:  You spent money on something with holes in it?

You: Holes that were strategically placed to channel an inner cool girl I haven’t been in cahoots with in quite some time.

Also you: If you ever feel morally obliged to donate to a destruction-free clothing fund – well, know it will probably still be spent on items in this collection.


Sister: I have a concert this weekend and need a cool outfit. Problem, I have no cool outfits.

You: Got it covered – open back tee meet high-waisted goodness.

Sister: Won’t I be cold?

Also you: This is exactly what I mean when I say you hang out with mom too much.


Best friend: Where can I get that outfit?

You: Buckle.

Also you: You need these shorts and jeans, too.



  • Mad

    What is the item number for the green shirt with the open front?

    • buckleofficial

      This is the Gilded Intent Raw Edge T-Shirt and will be available in late February, item number 522721!

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