Tuesday Tips: How to wear neutrals.

Neutrals get the rep of being “minimalistic”, “basic”, dare we say… “safe”.

But when it comes to getting ready in the morning, your closet full of neutrals work together to create fast, easy styles that have you out the door without having to reach for a third shot of espresso.

Feeling like you won’t stand out in neutrals? With these quick tips, we’re sure your outfit will make a pretty impact in all the natural hues.


Tip one: Forget what colors you thought were neutrals.

We know you’re wondering, “Is olive a neutral?” We say, YES! This color has gained so much popularity, we’re seeing it worn year-around. Take that fall. (Jk, we actually really love you).

Tip two: Opt for some* details on your basics.

*We’re loving the fringe on these Amuse joggers. They pair nicely with other neutral hues and a handbag with similar detailing.

Never worry about blending in with your backdrop again. Neutral = instant chic.


Tip three: Wear monochromatic patterns like a crown.

We’ve been falling in love with this lace, polka-dot combo from Willow & Root for a while now. Why? Reference tip two.

And by adding an intricate pattern to even the most basic black and white combo, well… need we say more?


Tip four: Fabric rules your aesthetic. 

Don’t believe us? Texture is just as important as pattern, if not more. Fabric contributes to the overall quality of your garments, and if you’ve fell victim to “one-time-wear-shrinkage”, then take our word. You want something that doesn’t shrivel after one wash and adds depth to your style.

We’re digging all the rich velvets and faux suede this holiday season. Steve Madden backpack, please.

Tip five: Go get’em girl. 

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