Tuesday Tips: Santa, We have some suggestions

Dear Santa,

The rumor around the northern hemisphere is that you are struggling to finish out your list.

May we suggest you take into consideration the AMAZING sneakers by Freebird? Steven should be an honorary ‘nice list’ member for dreaming these up.

I know it’s your busy time of year, but we do have a favor to ask. Would you consider spreading the word that floral isn’t just for Spring. Gimmicks is taking care of those boho babes year-round. The latest collection is definitely a list-topper.

While we are still trying to figure out our men, we can’t help but feel like Departwest is going in the right direction. You’re the expert in that area, so do with that information what you will.

We think even our minis are deserving of some clothing love this year. Little girl Kancan’s are literally the cutest thing ever.

Finally, we have something picked out for you. Your ride is already enough to capture attention, but we thought perhaps you could use another layer. How do you feel about Sherpa-lined plaid?

Thank you for inspiring good behavior, eating the cookies we couldn’t finish, and for always giving us something to look forward to come December 25th.

Love,  Buckle Threads


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