Turn Your Dresses into Tunics – Tuesday Tips

Closet confessions, for the prettier, shorter things in life. You want to get more from your closet.

We’re talking dresses. You know the ones, those that made a rare appearance at your cousin’s wedding, a co-worker’s baby shower, and your bff’s going away party/BBQ/bonfire-ish thing.

(Were you even supposed to wear a dress to that?)

Either way, the delicate lace, cottons, and chiffon you once held close, dreaming of happily ever afters and tacos by candlelight have since been shoved into the depths of your closet.

Nestled back, stuck somewhere between the sale shirt with a bad exchange policy and the bridesmaid’s dress you just can’t seem to get rid of. (It’s a price tag issue.)


Levi’s Mile High Skinny, Faryl Robin Sandal

But it wouldn’t be Tuesday Tips without our live-in fashion experts giving us the best of our seasonal line-up, curated and styled just for you.

Including how to style this summer’s hottest dresses as tunics for double the wear and double the love.

Our favorite approach? Hands down, the cotton dress serving as your athlesiure’s best.


We’re seeing big things for this Billabong dress including water, sunshine, and a couple of drinks with the little umbrellas. Cheers!


Now, in regards to length. We aren’t too concerned, especially when it comes to this pretty floral print.

On the chilliest of days, this maxi dress can easily take away any doubts that we should have worn pants instead because…


Gilded Intent High Rise Ankle Skinny,

Well, you get the point.


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