Valentine’s Day: All the Single Ladies

You can’t blame us given the recent developments that include, but are not limited to, Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement.

Moving on.

Valentine’s Day is a day of love. Period.

No one is telling you it has to be for a significant other. After all, we all know that even significant others slip up from time to time. You know who doesn’t slip up?


So, say we’re going to ditch a pricey meal compromised of fancy things with low calories.

Sub in a Free People top with a touch of glam, some dance music and that girlfriend that *always challenges someone to a dance off, and you’re set.

*you know the one.


Heart-shaped balloons are also highly recommended.


Feeling more like a homebody than dancing queen?

No judgement from this direction. How about a comfy but cute strappy tank and floral number perfect for binge watching your streaming service of choice with snacks. And wine. Or sparkling grape juice.



It really isn’t about the destination when it comes to you and the girls that have photo evidence of you without makeup.

It’s more about the process of getting ready and the adventures that follow before you all end up sitting cross legged on a bed giggling about how silly all of the effort was in the first place.

Happy Valentine’s Day, gals.


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