Valentine’s Day looks for Men

You’re a guy. You’re single. Your February 14 plans are anywhere from watching the latest Bob’s Burger episode while simultaneously throwing down a Big Mac to repping your team in a “not-so-friendly” game of Madden with your bro. All of which sound like solid options.

But guys, don’t even act like you’re “too cool” for the day of love. We all know you’re down for a night out with the guys like you’re down for some late night queso.


Ahhhh… that’s better!


Now that we’ve convinced you to go out, let’s talk about this button-up.

Floral is on the top of our list for Valentine’s Day looks for him because it’s mom approved.¬†And you do everything mom says.

Casually throwing out the fact that this denim jacket is giving us some seriously fresh vibes. The cutie at the high-top will agree.


Avoiding buying flowers as much as you’re avoiding romance? Fine. We tried. But don’t go out feeling anything less than put together. Our alternative is a laid-back plaid taken to the next level with this Nixon watch.

You’re still entitled to a Valentine’s Day present for yourself this year, right?

Or do us all a favor and stay classy with a washed polo and dark, clean jeans. Sliding into the DMs, optional.


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