We Live #InTheseBlues

Your relationship with your denim is different than that of the person next to you, it’s different than ours, than your mom’s or dad’s. Style is personal, and Buckle strives to be the denim destination that facilitates that long-term, tried and true, unconditional-type of relationship you know to be true with your favorite pair of jeans.

At Buckle, we live for our denim. Try a pair on, and it’s pretty easy to see why. That excitement doesn’t end in our stores, its felt company-wide. Our marketing team is used to staying behind the scenes, but their knowledge of product isn’t something to stay quiet about. From our director to the designers, we are obsessed with the denim Buckle carries, and here’s the blog to prove it.

In October we have been encouraging guests to enter into our #InTheseBlues sweepstakes aimed at rewarding shoppers with Buckle gift cards. Well, now it’s our turn to tell you why we love our blues. Meet some of our team below!



My go-to jean:  Buckle Black Fit No. 53 skinny stretch jean, medium wash with destruction in all the right places. I love the weight of the fabric and how they hold their shape.

My blues need to: Since I work in fashion and marketing, I feel it’s important to experience the merchandise and explore the latest trends. In denim, comfort comes first, a flattering fit comes next.

My favorite brand: I’m always game to try out new brands, but right now Buckle Black is my need-to-have, and I’m on the hunt for a high-rise, flare.  I’m really excited that we are carrying Lucky Brand again, they are next on my list to check out.

My blues make me feel: Confident and comfortable.



My go-to jean: a pair of worn-in ripped skinnies.

My blues need to: Be versatile and most importantly comfortable. As a photographer, I’m always on the go and adventuring to locations for photo shoots. I like to climb trees, hop fences, and trek through snow. You’ll typically find me wearing comfortable jeans with some stretch, a t-shirt, and a pair of sneakers. I’m embracing the basics and comfort.

My favorite brand: Levis.

My blues make me feel: Casual and cool. Effortlessly chic.



My go-to jean: a slim fit, in a clean denim.

My blues need to: Have some stretch. I need something comfortable that can be both work appropriate, and something I can wear longboarding on my own time. I’m not interested in anything flashy or ‘trendy’ – I want a classic denim.

My favorite brand: BKE in the Aiden or Alec

My blues make me feel: Confident.

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