What We’re Thankful For

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’ve been thinking about getting together with family and friends, all the food we’re excited for, that first slice of pie, and of course what we’re thankful for.

Now, what we’re thankful for can get to be a pretty long list, so we tried our best to keep this short. Here goes…

We’re thankful for:

  • Time spent with friends and family
  • Growing up with the styled life
  • The confidence to be ourselves
  • Good food (because who isn’t?)
  • All the love and support in our life
  • Matching moments with Mom & Dad
  • Taking on every day with a smile (and good styles)

Thinking about it now, we’d like to add a few more things to our list and we’d love if they came from you since being thankful is part of growing up with style. We even created a downloadable sheet for you to print off and fill out! Once you’ve colored it in and written down what you’re thankful for, share it with the Buckle Youth Instagram account by tagging @BuckleYouth. We might just show you how thankful we are for you with a gift card when you share. (T&C’s: https://bit.ly/3biA79V))

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