Women’s Shorts Guide

We’re all about options when it comes to our jeans, and that doesn’t change when it comes to our shorts.

With more options than ever before in fits, lengths, and styles – we’re breaking down why we can confidently say we have a pair of shorts for every body.

Shortie 1-3″

Meet the shortie. A style we know and love, the very short that gives us some confidence to show a little leg (or a lot of leg).

Sizing: With a 1-3″ inseam, the shortie is the shortest length option (hence the name). You get your choice of rise from low rise to ultra high rise – we’ve noticed the higher the rise, the more leg you’ll show.

What we love: Our legs, duh.

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Midi 4-6″

Living somewhere in the middle of short short and fingertip length, the midi is here to be everyone’s best friend.

Sizing: The midi is going to give a little more coverage with a 4-6″ inseam, especially to anyone with long legs.

What we love: Anyone can wear a midi. How do we know? It’s offered in every fit – slim, regular, curvy, mom, and boyfriend. They take the crown for most universally flattering short.

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Weekender 7-9″

We’re calling these the weekender, probably because you’ll find us wearing them all weekend long.

Sizing: A 7-9″ inseam may seem like a bit much, but we promise it’s so in. It’s a little less than a bermuda, if you’re not ready to commit to bringing those back just yet.

What we love: The on-trend styles without compromising on length.

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Bermuda 10″+

Hear us out, bermuda shorts are back and they’ve come a long way from our middle school days.

Sizing: Just think about your favorite jeans cut short. The sizing will be similar to your normal jean size depending on the brand, then subtract some inches for that 10-12″ inseam range. Bermudas tend to be formfitting for a more tailored look.

What we love: Wearing shorts to the office and feeling oh so cool about it (literally).

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Fashion Shorts

We love fashion pants for every season, but it’s time to let fashion shorts have their moment this summer.

Sizing: Fashion shorts range from shortie to midi inseams. They tend to feel a little shorter because of the high waist and wide leg. Because they are made of fabric, they have all the stretch and comfort you could want in a short with added detail and style.

What we love: What’s not to love? There are so. many. options.

Now, let’s find your fit.

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