Bermudas – The Shorts You Need Back In Your Closet Now

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The infamous to-the-knee short is back! But in a good way, we promise.

As the trend marches into our lives, we don’t want you getting lost somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle trying to navigate it.

(We couldn’t resist using the reference)

When worn successfully, the bermuda short ponies up some major style kudos. Plus, we’re here to tell you that the short has come a long way from its island days, and even more so since being your mom’s short of choice.

Their length is a saving grace from having to shave above the knee, and did we mention they’re just so dang comfortable? All that being said, here are three ways to introduce bermudas back into your wardrobe.


Daytrip Virgo Bermudas paired with a Blu Pepper colorblock jacket and pink Blowfish sneakers.

First up – an outfit that pairs well with to-do lists. It’s casual, it’s practical, it’s cute.

You’re going to cross a lot off your list in this go-to outfit. Pair an anorak jacket and Blowfish sneakers with light-washed bermudas and your favorite plain white tee (here’s some of our favorites – multiple color options included).

Next up – the ensemble perfect for brunch, coffee shop dates, farmers markets – A.K.A the ultimate Sunday.

You quite literally can’t go wrong with this combination. A floral top for only $24.95, shorts that hug your curves just so, and heels that are sturdy and versatile. Yes, yes, and yes.

Women's spring outfit with Kancan high rise bermuda shorts, Alison Andrews top, Gimmicks duster, and women's Mi.iM heels

KanCan high rise bermudas paired with a black Alison Andrews top, Gimmicks duster (coming soon), Mi.iM heels, and BKE red fringe earrings.

Lastly – a bermuda ensemble you can take into the night. A monochromatic top-and-bottom pairing keeps this outfit chic, while a rich-tone floor-length duster provides added drama and flair.

And just like that, you’re off for a night on the town…

Three friends show off their outfits featuring bermuda shorts and women's tops, jackets, and shoes

…with three whole new outfits in your back pocket.

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