A Scoop of Summer

all of the ingredients and supplies you'll need to make bagged ice cream

It always sneaks up on us, the end of summer. The sticky hot days spent at the pool, making sure all additional hours of sunlight are enjoyed outside; the classroom far from the reality of right now. Because right now, it’s summer.

It’s easy to remember how quickly those months passed when we were younger, but what you find out as you get older is that those months only speed up. Suddenly it’s not your school year that you’re trying your best to keep at bay, but theirs – your own kid’s. As much fun as the pool was when you were fearless and 10 years-old, those hours are made that much better when your own 10-year-old is splashing you, begging you to cannonball just one more time before dinner.

So, while we still have some time to celebrate the golden times that are summer, we thought we’d revisit one of our favorite sweet treats that make for a fun family activity – bag ice cream!

You’ll need some supplies and ingredients before you get started, but all are kid (and mom) friendly and might already be in your kitchen.

Once you have everything you need gathered, it’s time to grab the kids and get to work.

Now, it’s the fun part – TIME TO EAT.

Or in our case, time to grab some sprinkles to add a dash of extra yum (it is summer after all).

Another expert tip – if your family prefers chocolate ice cream you can easily swap out the sugar in the above recipe for chocolate sauce!

Looking for a little extra help? See below as we break it down step by step!

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