Cleaning Out Your Mini’s Closet

As the first day of school gets closer and closer, we know you and your little are thinking about what they’re going to wear! After a year of Zoom and loungewear, we’re ready to bring style back to the halls. But before you start planning the annual shopping trip to celebrate the season, take a moment to go through your little one’s closet with them. This will give you all a good idea of the styles they have, what doesn’t fit anymore, what they feel confident in, and what they want.

Start by going through their summer and fall clothes since that’s what they’ll be wearing when the first bell rings. As you take out each piece, talk about if they’ve worn it recently or not. If they have then go ahead add that to a keep pile! If they haven’t, figure out why – is it too small, do they still like it, is it old and worn out? Once you all figure out why that item hasn’t been a go-to, decide if it belongs in a donate or toss pile.

As you keep working through their closet, it will become very easy to decide what pile – keep, donate, or toss – a style belongs in! Once you’re all done, hang up or re-fold (with our mini how-to on folding denim) what is being kept and then see what needs to be replaced. Take it from us, this will be a lifesaver when it comes to back-to-school shopping!

A how-to on folding denim

Lay your pair flat on the ground

Fold them in half straight down the middle

Then, fold that in half by bringing the bottom of the jeans to the top

You’re almost there, fold it in half just one more time

They’re now ready to go back in your closet (since we know they’re keepers!)

You’re now set to head to your local store for a day of shopping with your mini. Be sure to grab your list of what they want to replace and enjoy a day spent together!


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