A Shoe Story – Buckle talks with Roan’s Tammy Beins

Good shoes take you to great places.

At least that’s what we’ve heard. And if that much is true, then we’re ready to find our own journey pair.

Because if there’s any testament to the value of quality shoes, it’s your feet after a long day at the office.

Consider blistered feet a thing of the past, because we checked in with leather shoe expert and friend, Tammy Beins, Brand Manager of Roan.

Designed in the heart of Kansas City, Roan has been creating quality leather shoes with an environmentally responsible mindset since 2008. Lucky for us, we got to connect with Tammy to get her thoughts on coffee, music, and shoes that are simply good for the sole.

Meet Tammy Beins

What makes the perfect shoe? 

The perfect shoe is versatile! Of course in my world, the perfect shoe is leather.  It has characteristics that you don’t see every day and is a piece of art in and of itself.


Tammy with her husband Justin, daughter Hazel, and son Wilder.

Could you describe the development Roan shoes take from the initial idea to completion?

Inspiration is everywhere. Be it architecture, landscapes, and fashion. We do our best to see the inspiration that each and every day offers us. We then relay those visions to an applicable style or look that we believe our customers will resonate with. We put the sketch to paper, review the aesthetic of the line and assign a leather that we feel will best bring the sketch to life. The shoe then goes into production, which on average is 120 days. The life cycle of the shoe from sketch to retailer/consumer is typically 6 months.

What does a good pair of shoes mean to you? 

A good pair of shoes is ready to take on anything my day may bring.  It is adventurous and artistic in style and appeal.  It evokes a story and emotional attachment.  For me, this season, that shoe is the Roan Sher. It is layered with character, hand braiding, and contrast stitch. Named after my sister, Sher is full of character, personality and positive energy.  It is my go-to this spring.

Leather shoe care. Is there anything we should be doing to ensure we are taking care of our shoes?

If you live in an area with inclement weather, we recommend using a solvent-free water repellent (i.e.  Scotchgard™ Shoe Guard for Leather) in order to reduce water damage or salt stains. This process is recommended when you first receive your product, and should be applied no more than once a month to prevent build up. When the leather begins to absorb water on contact, you should re-apply.

What is the best way to clean my Roan product?

Leather: clean with a damp cloth and leave to dry away from strong heat sources or direct sunlight.
Suede: clean using a suede cleaner (i.e. Kiwi™ Suede and Nubuck Cleaner).

Roan stands behind an environmentally responsible mindset. What are your personal thoughts on the environment/eco-friendly ideas?

  • Do your part. Make a conscious effort in your daily life to make a change.  Increase your awareness and educate where you can. Take a moment to examine your everyday choices to see what you can do to make the most beneficial impact.
  • BYOB- Bring your own bags
  • Use paper or plastic cups – why not bring your own?
  • Add some green, plant a tree or bring plants inside.
  • Donate the old.  It will not only benefit another person but it will keep your items out of landfills and so easy to do.

Coffee or tea suggestions?

Coffee. I would love to tell you I am drinking the wonderfully healthy full of antioxidant and vitamin Matcha Tea.  But for real, I love coffee, a dark roast with a lot of unhealthy homemade creamer. Yup sugar and coffee, no better combo.  I don’t care if it’s cold or hot, Coffee takes the cake on this one.

New music suggestions. What’s on your playlist?

Roadtrip – Railroad Earth, Devil Makes Three

Office – Beatles, Willie Nelson, The Highwaymen

Car – most likely the Trolls or Moana Soundtrack  or Cruise from Florida Georgia Line on repeat with the windows down and my kids screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs.

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