Giggles, Hugs, and Cool Jeans: Meet the Moms


You’ve already read every sickeningly sweet cliche about them – and they were all very much true.


Moms are the best.

…the best huggers.

…the best arguers.

…the best storytellers – and monster hunters – and dance partners.

Moms make the bad stuff not so bad and the good stuff so much better.

So today, this week, this month, let’s celebrate all of the messiness, the work, and the unconditional love that is mom.

Meet Callie, Buckle Brand Communications Manager, mom to Karver, daughter to the lovely Caryn, also known for being Disney princess level nice.

Three words that best describe your mom? Best friend, superwoman, selfless (sorry, that might count as four!)

Tell us about being Karver’s mom, what’s his personality like? Ohhhhh, Karver! He certainly has his Dad’s eating habits – meaning, HE. LOVES. FOOD. He’s in the mimicking stage, so that’s been fun to watch him copy things we do.

He likes to open drawers and stack my hair product bottles in perfect order – we’re talking PERFECT! – on the ledge of our shower.

Best part of being a mom?  So many things! I love how I feel like he is teaching me to be the very best version of myself. Seeing his eyes light up over the simple things – a fan circling around, spotting the Target “doggie” while strolling the aisles. It is pure joy.

You’re also a dog mom! How has Kayo adjusted to having Karver around?  While I was pregnant, Kayo used Karver (my bump) as a pillow. Now, the roles have reversed a bit. Karver uses Kayo as a pillow… a drum set… and a climbing wall. Karver loves his “doggie” and Kayo loves his brother.

Moms are… HEROES.


Meet Rutheah, Buckle Social Media Specialist, mom to William, Anna, and Leo – oh, and she runs a photography business.

Best part of being a mom?  That’s not easy to answer… the best part is probably the constant giving and receiving of love… the snuggles, the laughs, the surprises. All of those little in between moments that pull at your heart.

In three words, tell us about each of your children.

Anna:  patient, compassionate, gracious

William:  inquisitive, creative, quirky

Leo:  hungry, hilarious, loving

Has being a mom inspired you? Changed the way you approach photography? Being a mom inspires me constantly… it’s the reason why I started in the photo biz in the first place. I realized how quickly kids grow and change and how the connection you have with them as babies vs. toddlers vs. kids is this beautiful, raw evolution of what it means to love. That type of connection is what fuels me to capture those moments for other people, too.

Moms are… bad***.

(see why we love her?)

Meet Shannon, Buckle’s Director of Creative Content, mom to Mya, daughter to Pat, and resident cool mom.

Best part of being a mom?  I love learning from Mya’s perspective, she inspires me to be a better person and live life in the now.

How has being a mom impacted your style? Has it rubbed off on Mya? Or have you picked up anything from your mom?  It has to be practical. I gravitate toward things that are seamless from work life to mom life. Athleisure owns my heart at the moment. Mya has a similar approach – she’s a busy kid with a full and fun schedule filled with school, friends and activities. My mom always looks pulled together – it’s my goal to get there one day.

Three words to describe Pat?  inspiring, kind, fun

Three words to describe Mya?  sweet. hilarious. energy.

Moms are… awesome!!

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