Accounts We’re Loving: Join Us for an Afternoon Scroll

Every direction we turn in the office lends us inspiration from one of our coworkers. Kati is always baking a new delectable recipe, or Jake is building a new wood stand for his Macbook. We’re all a bunch of creatives that thrive off of each other. So, in this time where we aren’t all a head’s turn away from each other, we wanted to check in on our pod-mates and see what’s keeping them inspired during isolation.

From Kati,

When you don’t know what to do, it can help to do what you know how to do. For me, that’s staying grounded through cooking and keeping up with my home. It’s been so therapeutic to spend my days tidying up, cleaning, and working on new and old recipes in the kitchen.  These types of activities are familiar, and bring me a sense of peace in the midst of all that is going on. Not to mention I feel happier and more productive in a tidy space!

I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with Joanna Gaines (@joannagaines) and Antoni Porowski (@antoni) as they have both been sharing recipes and cooking demos through social media for the past few weeks. It’s uplifting and inspiring to follow along with some of my favorite accounts and their shared love of being in the kitchen!

From Jake,

Being a designer that enjoys using his hands to build things, woodworking has become one of my favored creative outlets. During these times of distancing, which feels more like isolation, I find myself oddly satisfied with the new pace of life. It has given me time to study the craft I have come to love and discover new techniques and skills. I am often immersed in the Instagram rabbit hole; scrolling through reclaimed page after woodworking page after handmade page searching for the next project I must create – @project_sunday is a recent favorite.

From Alison,

We’ve all had to adapt to a new normal as of late, and I’ve found myself gravitating towards small businesses, trying to support them in any way that I can.

Artifact, based out of Omaha, Nebraska has understood that its small business of premium leather and canvas goods may need to take a shift in today’s current state.

They have started making face masks that even have a replaceable MERV-14 filter. This is an excellent mask to take with you to the grocery store or any other places that are a necessity.

From Jess,

Danielle Krysa of the Jealous Curator is often a source of inspiration to get my (creative) juices flowing. During this time, she has challenged her followers to make one piece of art daily, and I decided to take her up on the challenge. It’s been relaxing to have time spent at home where I can extend painting time into the late morning.

From Madalyn,

A problem solver through-and-through, it’s pretty hard for me to accept when the problem at hand can’t be solved on my efforts alone.

Because of that, I’ve come to terms with having to have more faith in others than ever before. Something about speaking into the universe, and it giving back to you, right?

Still figuring that one out.

In the meantime, I have been absorbing as much feel-good content as possible. The stuff that doesn’t just make you smile, but makes you laugh out loud before immediately sending to someone you know and love to share that moment with.

Keeping things light, even when they feel so heavy. Ellen DeGeneres (@theellenshow) and Michelle Ray (@michelleraymusic). Ellen has been bringing so much truth to the reality of at-home when you’re not much of an at-home person, making the rounds through her celebrity contact list – sometimes just to say hi, sometimes for advice on a magic trick. When you’re someone known for the laughter (and dance moves) that tend to follow you, I have a lot of respect for how she has navigated tough topics with a lot of love.

As for Michelle, well, this former The Voice contestant is really exercising those creative muscles with her fiancé. They have subtly (and not so subtly) updated lyrics to popular songs, putting a present-day spin on them that’s sure to resonate.

What accounts have been making up your afternoon scroll? Remember to use #buckleathome to share with us what you’re up to, and in turn, see what we’re working on.

Take care of yourself. Take care of each other.

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