revamp your closet: a how to on closet organization

As that pending to-do list starts to shrink, comes a major project not for the faint of heart.

Figuring out how to restore that carefully curated closet to its former glory, and rediscovering that chair we use to be able to lounge on.

So, let’s take that downtime while keeping safe at home, and put it to work. Start by taking inventory: what you have, what you wear, and what you love to wear. If something doesn’t fall into those last two categories, ask yourself why you’re holding on to it? Is it that high school football jersey that made things official between your high school sweetheart, now turned fiance? Then, please, keep. Anything without that level of sentimental value you though, toss – it will make you feel better all around.

to really take inventory of what you have, we suggest starting from the top! Organize based on color story, then light to dark within shades.

Next, let’s apply some color theory. We suggest organizing by neutrals, light to dark, and then within shades of similar colors, again following that light to dark pattern.

This gives you clear sightlines into what should be your Instagram aesthetic.



Yes, we are still laughing at our jokes, and it may actually be getting worse the more alone time we have on the books.

buy alternating shoes from front to back, you will be able to see all the details while also saving some space.

Moving on to shoe organization.

Ditch the boxes, and put your most-worn pairs within reach. We like the front/back facing technique so no detail is lost, and each shoe is top of mind when planning what to wear.

really let that denim collection shine by showcasing pocket and hem details.

At the heart of our closet is our denim collection. Keeping everything semi-organized is the key to make sure our rotation always feels fresh, and to help us decide what trends or classics we want to invest in next.

Our advice for taking care of denim? A pocket fold.

Start by simply folding your jean at the back seam – so it should resemble the first photo below.

From there, fold in half, but so your jean hem is a few inches past your waist band.

Finally, fold in half one more time from there, keeping the pocket outward facing, and your hem to the back.

Pocket folds are the saving grace of distinguishing one jean from the jean, especially in a (admittedly pretty full) closet.

All things considered, maybe the trick to closet organization is actually closet optimization, and it’s not about clearing the clutter – but making good on it.

Sure, it’s hard to not feel like everything is cancelled – but maybe this is just prepping us for the greatest comeback ever? Only time will tell – but I can share that Zoom happy hours are made infinitely better when given a theme – so that may just make taking inventory a bit more fun.

A reminder:  it’s okay to be keeping yourself busy, or not. There aren’t any hard and fast rules. Just focus on taking care of yourself (maybe your closet), and take care of each other – and stay in touch using #buckleathome.

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