Anniversary Special Pricing – Quentin’s Picks

Gravitating toward brands that we best identify with is kind of natural, in a “it’s a fashion world” kind of way.

So when we can get those brands for killer prices without having to jump through a hoop – we are all in. Enter our Fall Loyalty Event, our little gift to you since Buckle is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary and the best season in existence is nigh.

Meet Quentin – master of the active lifestyle, and dressing with comfort without slacking on fit.

Favorite piece in Fall Loyalty Collection? I immediately picked up this Outpost Tee because of the color. The olive green is great, and I’m a big fan of pocket tees – the fact that it’s really soft is an added bonus. As far as the jeans, the Salvage Havoc has nice elasticity to them that makes them a really good fit and super comfortable.

Long weekend – where will we find you? I probably would be driving home to Denver, hitting up 16th Street Mall, heading to a Broncos or Nuggets game, maybe doing some hiking or skiing up in the mountains depending the time of year. If I’m in Nebraska, I’m likely at the lake.  

Special Pricing Anniversary Event - Front view of men's top pick outfit on male model

How does your lifestyle impact your style/what pieces you chose here? In the fall I’m playing football for the local university or running to class – so being on the go, I always am looking for that added comfort.

What are your typical go-tos? I really like Departwest because of the west coast, trendy feel. I really like the hooded tees and drop-tails detailing. As far as denim, I’m typically grabbing for a BKE Carter or Buckle Black. I like fitted denim with stretch that won’t loose it’s shape. Also, definitely into the RVCA graphic tees.

Jeans, Sweats or Twill? Twill or sweatpants – my favorite is an olive green jogger.

Tee or Button-down? Button-down, a short sleeve woven especially.

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