Style, Some Tickling, and a Lot of Love: Meet the Dads

Dad. The ultimate cohort, superhero, mode of transportation, protector.

Our dads have made us a little stronger, a little more outspoken, a little more… well, us.

We owe them a lot. They made it through a lot of practices, sleepovers, first dates and long-winded phone calls. They have reminded us the importance of taking deep breaths, of patience, of persistence.

So today, this week, this month – let’s celebrate the men that make us roll our eyes just as much as they make us laugh. Let’s celebrate dad.

Meet Jeff, Operations/Facilities Specialist at Buckle, dad to Nolan, Dexter and Lucia, husband to Megan.

Best Dad moment:  When my five-year-old caught a bunch of fish to feed my in-laws. It was just seeing the pride he had in himself and knowing I was responsible for teaching him to fish. Also, seeing Nolan fearlessly sing with a big smile on his face at his preschool graduation was good.

For Dexter, it has been watching how proud he is to be a big brother to Lucia. He won’t let the cat get very close to her, and he frequently checks on her to make sure she is OK.

How has the role of ‘dad’ changed as your family continues to grow?  I think one of the biggest changes with the addition of Lucia has been making sure the boys know how they can be helpful. As our family grows, I try to make sure to show every member of the family how much I love them any chance I get.

Tell us about the kids!: Nolan is a wild kid with a compassionate heart. For Christmas last year, he asked for a basket with a handle so he could pick strawberries from our garden and take them to our neighbor, Miss Netnet. (we audibly gasped at the cuteness of this)

Dexter is a sweet and sour kid. He enjoys wrestling with his brother, riding his tricycle, fishing with Dad, and horses (at a distance). He also enjoys being ornery…but loves to snuggle and kiss his mom.

What lesson do you hope to instill in your kids?  I think it’s important for them to treat people how they want to be treated. I would like them to be respectful, grateful and have good manners.

Dad style, what does it mean to you?  You can catch me on the weekends cruising in our minivan toting around a diaper bag.

Dads are… Important!

Lucia was just over a week old when Mom brought her to model for us. As you can see, she was a natural!

Meet Brett, Physical Therapist, dad to Fitzgerald and Bennett, husband to Buckle Buyer, Eve.

Best Dad Moment:  Honestly, my best dad moments are the moments when my girls ask for me! When I hear, “Daddy, help me!” or “Daddy, watch me do this”, any time they want me to be near them or help them out, it feels so awesome.

Tell us about the girls!: Fitzgerald and Bennett couldn’t be more different.

Fitz can be slightly timid, she is always polite and soft-spoken. She is a great listener and loves to play quietly with puzzles, books and dolls.

Bennett, on the other hand, is a bit of a tomboy – she is rambunctious and has no fear. She is loud and wild. They are a great pair as they complement each other perfectly!

You’re dressing the girls…what do they walk out the door in?  If I have it my way, they are in athletic clothing and sneakers – very sporty!

Dad style, what does that mean to you? Dad style?  Typically I think of pleat front khaki’s and a polo… but that is not my style. I like soft solid tees and washed and worn in jeans – that is, if I am not wearing a pair of joggers or athletic shorts. I am also always wearing sneakers – easier to chase the girls in. 


What lesson do you hope to instill in Fitz & Bennett? I hope they have learned to be kind to everyone and to treat others how you would like to be treated. I think that is so important.

Dads are… Wrapped around their daughters’ fingers!

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